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40.1% UPGRADE Conversion Rate Plus INDIRECT Conversions

By Promoting Instant Cash Promo Codes, I am getting an AMAZING direct conversion rate for UPGRADE SALES.  You should pay attention to this statistic if no other:

40.1% Upgrade Conversion Rate. 

That means over ONE THIRD of the people who joined as my referrals UPGRADED to GOLD or HIGHER…

and because I set up my Profile with my autoresponder HTML Form Code

100% of my referrals joined MY LIST before joining Instant Cash Promo Codes.

Imagine the potential commissions with a 40% direct conversion rate, and the INDIRECT conversions as the result of autoresponder follow-up messages.

INDIRECT conversions because they are receiving my Autoresponder Message Stream that tells them about the other GREAT EXPERIENCES and DEALS I’ve found ( I USE What I Sell)

Now realize that I don’t do anything special.  YOU could be doing the EXACT SAME THING.

I just tell people that for only $25 they get enough ACTIVE TRAFFIC (800 solos and tons of credits for credit mails) to last them a full year or more.

Imagine the THOUSANDS of Pairs of FRESH Eyes SEEING YOUR ADS.

Imagine the signups, list building, and commissions YOU could be making with THAT MUCH QUALITY ACTIVE TRAFFIC!!!

It just requires that YOU TAKE ACTIONUpgrade to Gold.  10 ways to PAY.

If you HAVEN’T upgraded to Gold or Higher, consider that your OPPORTUNITY COST would be SO MUCH MORE than $25 if you DON’T take action!

If you are not PROMOTING Instant Cash Promo Codes, you are LOSING SO MUCH MORE.

First missed opportunity:

BUILDING YOUR LIST.  You MUST think in terms of building your list above all else.  All YOU have to do is spend a few minutes to update your Profile with HTML Form Code to force your prospects to join your list before joining the Instant Cash Promo Codes site.

You would have to continue STRUGGLING to click for points to get MEDIOCRE Traffic without those 800 Solos

Think of THIS… These sites are MORE LIKELY to have BUYERS for members rather than a majority of FREEBIE SEEKERS!!!

So, I’m talking about a SMALL investment of one-time $25 for the Gold upgrade, and to get the benefit of INDIRECT SALES, you need an autoresponder.


I recommend  MyVIPContacts Pro.  Only $10.97 per month for the best UNLIMITED autoresponder deal on the planet.


I’m here to help.  Show some initiative and ASK (even if you are NOT in my ICPC downline.)


Rich Moyer


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