Rise Above the Amateurs – Be the Network Marketing Professional

So Many Affiliate Programs Make It Like the CB Radio of Network Marketing
Amateurs, Newbies, Dabblers, Hobbyists, Freebie Seekers
THESE people give Network Marketing a BAD NAME along with Scammers and just plain UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR
Rise Above the Amateurs – Be the Network Marketing Professional
*  Treat it like a business – work at it EVERY DAY
*  Invest their time and money in their business
*  Form relationships with OTHER LIKE-MINDED professionals to help EACH OTHER succeed
*  Understand that BUSINESS is a PROCESS that requires continual update and tweaking
*  Nobody can do it alone
*  Know when to engage the right specialty resources (ad copy writers, trainers, tech support)
*  Know when to engage the right experts (accountants, lawyers, consultants)
*  Know how to leverage LEGITIMATE opportunities and tax deductions
There are tax benefits in most countries for having a BUSINESS
Most countries allow you to DEDUCT LEGITIMATE BUSINESS EXPENSES from your TAXABLE INCOME.  This means that you could LEGALLY PAY LESS IN TAXES to the government
Some valid business deductions people don’t consider                  
* Your WorldProfit Silver Membership                             
* Traffic packages and SEO                
* Upgrades to safelists and traffic exchanges          
* Leads                        
* Training, ebooks, videos on Network Marketing or other topics relevant to your business
Start your business using all the AUTOMATIC processes to help you grow your business.     
We call this platform the SILVER MEMBERSHIP
Just for trying the WorldProfit Silver membership program for 30 days, receive…
* 12 Lifetime upgraded memberships to our top 12 safelists – yours FOREVER (value $1500)
* 5 Ruby Solos to 135,000 members each (value $37)
* Traffic Blaster Ad Pack 365 Days unlimited traffic (value $39)
Silver includes
* Network Marketing Bootcamp Training, live workshops
* Tools, Clickbank Promo Kit
* Solo email to 30,000 – once every 3 days
* Live Business Center closing sales for YOU 24×7
* 100 Associates on your list
* 1000 Newsletter subscribers
so much more…
The Free Associate program allows you to earn 5% Commission on top-selling WorldProfit traffic packages and memberships (Amazon pays only 4%) but…
The reason you NEED the Silver membership is YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO DO IT RIGHT and get into the stream of AUTOMATIC PROCESSES and COMMUNITY that will help you succeed!
Throwing quality traffic at BAD MARKETING PRACTICES is a waste
When  in doubt… see list above… Professionals…
Step Up Your Game and join the ranks of Professional Business People who are PROUD to be Network Marketers
Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP 6+ years
Professional Business Consultant 20+ years
I can tell you how to save $700 per Year for your Silver Membership!

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