Get Ready NOW for Launch Tuesday!

Fastest Way to Build Your List and Multiple Income Streams
Have you been paying attention?
I’ve been talking about how I have been successful by promoting LAUNCHES.
Well, here is your chance to get positioned for the NEXT BIG LAUNCH.
Your Viral Mailer is re-launching next Tuesday to the Your Viral Network 2.0 Platform.
The Your Viral Mailer Re-Launch will have all the HOOPLA and ENERGY as all the other launches
I want my subscribers to be PREPARED.
I want my subscribers to PARTICIPATE in this re-launch
I want my subscribers to BUILD THEIR LIST
I want my subscribers to PROFIT
I’ve shared my process and resources over and over with my subscribers.  
  • Those that have TRUSTED me, 
  • those who have FOLLOWED MY instructions, 
  • those who have JOINED and UPGRADED as I recommended, and 
  • those that put in the WORK EFFORT have been successful promoting the launch.  
Those that did not pay attention, do the upgrades, and promote as I have told them were not.
New member signups are turned off for Your Viral Mailer until launch 
Here’s a trick you can use to sign up NOW.
New members can only join from the Affiliate Sitessection of Unlock Your List by using the new linking code. 
Join Unlock Your List NOW and Link Your Viral Mailerto Unlock Your List
See the Step-by-Step Details. Click the Credit Link
The signup pages for Your Viral Mailer are closed until after launch, but you can still join as a free member via the Affiliate Sites section in Unlock Your List. In fact, Matthew will give you 1,000 credits at Your Viral Mailer if you join now using the instructions below.
1. Log into Unlock Your List and click on Affiliate Sitesin the left hand navigation. Then click on Sites to Link. This will display all the programs you can link to your account.
2. Find Your Viral Mailer on the list and click the link that says “Click Here to Link Your Your Viral Mailer Account”
3. If you don’t have an account at Your Viral Mailer, click the “I Do Not Have an Account” button.
4. Click the “Yes, Please Create an Account and Link It” button. It will create the account and send you the login details.
It is that easy. Just a few clicks and you have a new account and have earned 1,000 credits. Now when you send an email from Unlock Your List, you can clone it to Your Viral Mailer too without having to enter it twice.
If you upgrade to one of the Premium levels of Your Viral Mailer now, then you can start building your list right away after launch without having to earn your Premium membership by passing up referrals to your sponsor. The benefits are huge because you can also email daily and get 1,000 credits every day without having to click any links for credits.

Do This NOW!!!


Rich Moyer

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