Turn a Stranger into a Customer

Making an income online is very different now, and it takes multiple steps to turn a prospect (stranger) into a customer.  
Matthew Graves perfectly illustrates how people buy online.
Yesterday, someone (Subscriber A) joined Your Viral Mailer and purchased a Lifetime Premium Membership. It is a $97 sale and because the referrer (Marketer B) was a Premium member, Marketer B earned 50% commission – $48.50 
How did Subscriber A end up being in the position to make that purchase last night? It is rarely a case of  “they saw it and bought it”.
From the beginning.  Marketer B promoted his lead capture page for Your Success Advantage 
On June 1st, Subscriber A opted in to the “Get in on the Ground Floor” lead capture page in Your Success Advantage. At that point, Subscriber A started receiving the autoresponder emails Matthew sends on behalf of their referrer at Your Success Advantage(Marketer B).
On September 20th,  Subscriber A joined Unlock Your List from an autoresponder email Matthew sent them and they were put under Marketer B from Your Success Advantage
Subscriber A did not upgrade to a Premium Member at Unlock Your List. Now, Subscriber A is receiving the emails from Unlock Your List, which also carry the referral links of Your Success Advantage members.  The first 5 referrals that sign up under Subscriber A are automatically passed up to Marketer B.  
Once Subscriber A reaches 5 referrals passed up, Subscriber A is upgraded to Premium,starts to receive 1000 credits per day, keeps all referrals, receives random referrals and pass-up referrals, and earns 50% commissions for purchases made by referrals.  We call this EARN YOUR PREMIUM.
On October 3rd, Matthew sent an email to the members of Unlock Your List. In that email, he mentioned that the prizes for today’s clicking contest would be from Your Viral Mailer. The name “Your Viral Mailer” was clickable in the email. This person clicked that link, joined Your Viral Mailer, and then purchased Lifetime Premium Membership. When they joined the site, they were put under the person who brought them into Your Success Advantage back on June 1st and that member earned a $48.50 commission in Your Viral Mailer.
Converting this Your Success Advantage prospect from a free opt-in to a sale took 4 months and 2 days. They will probably make more purchases at other sites, and all the commissions will go to the person who brought them into Your Success Advantage.
This is why you have to stay focused on building your listcommunicating to that list consistently, and do not get discouraged if you don’t see immediate sales or commissions from your efforts. That isn’t how online sales work anymore. People don’t generally buy right away. They buy when you present them the offer that is right for them at the right time.
Over the last 4 months, the communications Matthew was sending this member took them from stranger to trusted friend and friend to customer. As that relationship continues to grow, they will probably buy and signup for more, earning even more for their Your Success Advantage referrer.
Keeping a long-term focus paid off again for the Your Success Advantage member who brought this Prospect into the system. They just focused on building their list of Prospects in the system and let Matthew take the right amount of time to convert those Prospects into sales.
I hope that you are taking the long-term approach to building relationships in your online business!
Thanks Matthew for researching this scenario to help us better understand the PROCESS and SYSTEM that is helping smart marketers continually build their lists and earn commissions.
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