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So Confusing

To help sort out the confusion – the Cliff Notes version

    • (we’ll call this for short) is the original PAID system, the brainchild of Joe (BubbaJoe) Freyaldenhoven.  
      • Full featured unlimited autoresponder campaigns and messages
      • Unlimited lead capture pages.
      • Unlimited subscribers
      • Dozens of done-for-you campaigns you can use and modify
      • Literally hundreds of lead capture pages you can duplicate and customize
      • Amazing Background Page Wizard and Lightbox Capture Pages
      • Unmatched Affiliate Programs section – an integrated downline builder on steroids
      • 3 Paid membership levels
      • Broadcast to your leads (# depends on membership level)
      • Mailing credits at signup – varies according to membership level
    • (we’ll call this for short) is a free self-replicating site designed for list building and affiliate sales
      • 6 different programs – separated into 6 sections that your referrals can join for free. is one of those sections.
      • Every referral has the opportunity to join each section for free UNDER YOU.  
      • Every referral has the opportunity to join the PROGRAM in each section.  If YOU have joined that program, they join UNDER YOU.
      • Step 1 is Cash Stream Maximizer
      • Step 2 is Viral Inbox
      • Step 3 is Sites Paying You
      • Step 4 is Traffic Ad Bar
      • Step 5 is SFI
      • Step 6 is LSN
    • Lead System Network (LSN) is the platform on which and were built
      • Other systems built on LSN technology:  FastCapturePages (now defunct), Xtreme Lifestyle Network, National Wealth Center Prime
      • LSN is a complete business system unto itself
      • With LSN 2.0, Entrepreneur-level members can build their OWN replicated sites ( and are built with LSN 2.0)

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