Why use Downline Builders?

 Downline Builders – An Untapped Resource

I encourage you to build your downlines.  Your referrals are an invaluable resource to YOU by strengthening your own position in the programs you have joined, providing YOU with points and even COMMISSIONS.  Downline builder sites themselves are multi-stream income opportunities.
There are three primary reasons why people do not take advantage such powerful resources like Traffic Hoopla and other downline builders:
  • It takes lots of time to make those updates
  • It takes time for record keeping to keep track of all those affiliate IDs and links
  • They truly do not understand the POWER, BENEFITS, and INCOME OPPORTUNITIES you get when referrals JOIN YOUR BUSINESS!


Traffic Hoopla is a great vehicle to build your downline in the most popular and profitable programs.  You join, and promote a single page that invites OTHERS to join these programs, at which time they become YOUR referrals.
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On the Safelists, Surf sites, and Text Ad Exchanges that I OWN, I encourage all members, even free members, to promote those safelists to get referrals that earn points for YOU every time your referrals login, you earn a percentage of the points your referrals earn, and you get commissions for purchases and upgrades made by your referrals.

I have taken the time to create HUGE downline builders on these sites  where my SUBSCRIBERS can build their list of referrals to gain these advantages for themselves.

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Likewise for the major programs I promote.   It’s all about list building, not selling.   You join, you get referrals, and you are REWARDED for doing nothing but promoting these sites.

I started using a great, inexpensive tool called Down Line Builder Caddy that builds its database every time you fill out a downline builder.  The next time you join another downline builder, DLB Caddy synchs the referral ID’s or referral links from the DLB Caddy database with that downline builder, and captures each new entry you make.

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It’s FREE to join these sites.  For a small investment in DLB Caddy, you substantially reduce the time, record keeping requirements, and INCREASE your probability of getting referrals that supply YOU with an endless supply of POINTS and INCOME.

Look at all the advertising power you gain in the process.

BTW, you get even MORE of these benefits when you join these INSTANT COMMISSION SITES and fill out the downline builders on each of them.  Even free members earn commissions for 20% of sales.

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Downline Builder Elite – This is absolutely the best downline builder AUTOMATION SOFTWARE.  From the creator of Referral Frenzy, Marty Petrizza, this takes downline builder automation to the next level.  There are about 100 sites that have their downline builder automation and synchronization done with just a several clicks. DBE shares the database with Referral Frenzy.

There is an A-Z directory of sites – literally thousands.  I’ve been taking a mental vacation (updating downline builders is rather boring, brainless work) and I’ve been spending about an hour a night updating this directory.

Why, you ask?  OK.  Here’s the plan.

Downline Builder Elite has an incredible directory of sites.  Some “letters” in the A-Z directory have a dozen or more pages, 10 to a page.  I fill out my affiliate ID (not the whole URL) on each entry on that page, and I use Downline Builder Caddy to update its OWN database.

You see, Downline Builder Elite is GREAT at automating the sites managed by Referral Frenzy, but does not automate the updates of smaller sites or those not on the Referral Frenzy list.  I synchronize the DBE entries into Downline Builder Caddy, that does not have that massive database, but “learns” with every site you synchronize with.  You can use Downline Builder Elite to populate Downine Builder Caddy.   Using this technique, I quickly build the database in Downline Builder Caddy.  DLB Caddy is excellent at updating ANY site, not only the ones on the Referral Frenzy list.


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