Team Leader Autopilot Systems

Let me describe the Team Leader Autopilot Systems in process at TEHBdotcom and how you can earn from multiple streams :

1. I will add up to 25 sites that will be on autopilot for all members to promote
2. The create page link and link to that site will be coded into the lead capture pages for each of these sites
3. Autoresponder messages will be coded and linked to your links
4. New Members will be offered a free account at TEHB,com under you with some leads storage and other benefits which I control
5. Once they run out of storage they will contact you their sponsor for upgrading.
6. So each of the 25 autopilot sites at will promote that site and simultaneously using your links
6. Working great so far

Here is the best part
When you add your usernames at My Personal Info it automatically will place your links for all of your referrals on the     Team Members Promotion Sites Page  below located in Capture Pages that lists the sites on autopilot.
When one of your team opens that page they see your links for all 25 programs. Walla!


Team Leader status is automatic for all members
but you must put your username/userIDs in My Personal Info page at Dashboard

1.New Members are guided to view the Team Members Promotion Sites Page noted  with all the join links first where they can pick and choose 
Any links they click will go to your affiliate link provided you have placed your username/userid in the spaces on M y Personal Info Page
2. Then they are guided to enter their username or userIDs into the My Personal Info page
3. Existing members will be invited by you their sponsors to do the same thing by sending them an email from the broadcast to My Referrals.

Urgent that you put in your username/userid in the site listed at My Personal Info
Then send an email via broadcast to all your referrals and tell them to:

1. List of Team Leader Promotion Sites is found by clicking on My Personal Info top left Menu Item on the dashboard

2. There you will see 20 popular sites there will only be 25 listed and only 10 are still available

3. Next go back to dashboard and click on Capture Pages and when that Page opens click on the Team Members Promotion Sites Page

When you click it you  will see the Team Leaders link for each site.

If you want to be part of that team then click that link and join that team.  
When you receive your affiliate username  or in some cases user ID then go back to My Personal Info on the dashboard and place your username or userid into the places provided.

Repeating one more time:
If you are not a member of any of the 21 sites
Go to Capture Pages from the dashboard and open Team Members Promotion Sites Page below

1 Click on the links for the sites you want to promote
2 Join and copy your affiliate username or userid if it is a number.
3 Go to My Personal Info at the dashboard and enter your username and userIds for all the sites you are a member of.

Then go to capture pages and select your lead capture page.
The capture pages display the page so you know which page is for what site
If you do not see a lead capture page then let me know and will push it to the front of the create link
This is working for me way beyond my expectations.

Urgent that you do this asap to protect your team links
1. Add your usernames/userIDs to the  My Personal Into page on dashboard
2. Then notify your team via the broadcast to my referrals feature on your dashboard
3. First tell the to go to the Team Members Promotion Sites Page located in Capture Pages that lists the sites on autopilot.
4. Then tell them to Go To My Personal Info and add their username/userid to all the site where they are a member.

The capture pages are for you use
The Messages are in place
You do not need to do anything
The redirect urls are set to your affiliate link for that site
The email messages are coded with your affiliate link for the site plus a special invitation to join TEHBdotcom as a free member and start promoting just like you.
I am adding new lcps for the 21 steps and messages each day
See a site with no lcp send me an email and I will push it to the top of the design queue


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