No, there is no magic ring, and these systems have nothing to do with Kryptonite.  They are simply collections of smaller safelist sites who send and receive ads to all other partner sites in the SuperNetwork.

The owners of safelists join SuperNetworks to extend the advertising reach for their members.  Site owners either pay up front for the subscription and requisite software installation, or the site owners pay a monthly fee.  In return, the owners are generally granted one SuperNetwork ad per week that they can use to promote their own site.  The site members benefit from seeing PREMIUM ads designed to attract BUYERS.

Most SuperNetworks have a link to a list of partner sites, in addition to the current number of partner sites and member count.

I have my favorite SuperNetworks, and sites that have multiple SuperNetworks available.

There is one site in particular I frequent because it has the largest selection of SuperNetworks (35 at last count).  Per ad prices range from $2.50 go $25.00.  SimpleTextAds offers some killer login offers, and Dave Mosher keeps these offers alive and they change regularly, but I have always found these offers are a great deal.

Join SimpleTextAds – Click the Banner

Other Mega sites I frequent that have large numbers of SuperNetworks and offer great specials (hint: buy in bulk and save):


I own several safelists that have S~pvar117~uperNetwork connections.  You can purchase SuperNetwork ads right from the Advertising Area (called different things on different sites):


I particularly like SuperNetworks that have many Paid Commission sites.  Paid Commission sites tend to have a higher percentage of upgraded members, which translates to a higher percentage of BUYERS, rather than freebie seekers.

Let’s take a little tour of one of my Paid Commission sites.

Check Out The Video

To join my Paid Commission sites, click the banners below and sign up to as a free member using the link below (but consider the great OTO for Lifetime Gold memberships).  Watch for the surfing Happy Hour times to earn double surf points. 


Click Here for Downline Builder that shows a banner array for the Paid Commission Sites.

To ensure that your sponsor gets the referral credit, join any SuperNetwork or Paid Commission sites from the extensive Downline Builder at CommissionsUnleashed.  It would be a nice gesture to give your sponsor a heads up of your plans to join so they can  be sure to have their referral links in place.


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