SuperNetwork Blasters

SuperNetwork Blasters

SuperNetwork Blaster sites offer ad types in addition to Solo Ads, like banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, login ads, and solo ads.  Some even have auto-submit (Set ‘n Forget ads).

I have found some sites that deliver superior CTRs, but others are just OK.  As with any site, do your due diligence with respect to monitoring your ad placements and performance.

Here are the sites I use regularly.  Rather than creating an unmanageable profile to hold all of these sites, update the downline builders for free on my sites CommissionsUnleashed and YourLuckyFastCash , Don Harrison’s site Total Downlines, and also if a member,

  • AFF SuperNetworks – Solo Ads, banners, buttons, hotlinks, traffic links, and login ads
  • Full Ad Blast – 42 Sites with 67846 Combined Members
  • Promotion Magnet – 62 sites with 40575 Combined Members

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