Suggestions to Establish Your Brand

Suggestions  to Establish Your Brand
Doodly Videos
You know, the “hand” that draws on the whiteboard…
You can license this software for $39 per month, or…
Sign up as a PAID MEMBER of one of my programs IN MY DOWNLINE, and I will create your OWN 5 minute Doodly video!
  • Programs:  Team Atlantis Rising,  TOAN, TrafficWave, TeamEliteHomeBusinesses, WorldProfit
  • Upgraded Memberships: Platinum or Founder at CommissionsUnleashed or YourLuckyFastCash, SJV at OneStopSolos, FreedomMails, WorldTextAds, or AmazingTextAds
Residual Builder – only $12.95 one-time cost  (consider that banners are $10 apiece – THIS IS A BARGAIN!)  This is a great page that you can advertise your top seven 468×60 Banners.  Takes minutes to set up.  Banner images and target URLS can be changed ANYTIME. Get yours today at CommissionsUnleashed or YourLuckyFastCash
Create Your OWN Banners!
Are you showing the same banners that THOUSANDS of other affiliates are using?
Set yourself apart!  Create your OWN Banners!
Fugly Banners – free to use, or upgrade to WhiteList your OWN BRAND
Rotate My Sites
Sign up for free, or create a second stream of income.  Check out the other Carl Baily sites.  Great stuff!
Promote one URL to display your banners
Make Your Promotions VIRAL Promotions!
On CommissionsUnleashed and YourLuckyFastCash, use VIRAL LINKS, VIRAL ADS, and VIRAL ROTATORS.  These are included with your membership (the higher your membership level the more you get.  (Absolutely worth the Silver 2nd Chance OTO for $7.00)
  • When you promote any target URL using Viral Links (Cloaking), this text link displays at the top of your webpage inviting viewers to get their own free link cloaker
    This URL cloaked for free at Commissions Unleashed – Get Your Own Today
    If they sign up, they become YOUR REFERRALS!
  • When you post using a Viral Ad, a popup appears at the bottom of the screen with the site banner (that brings in referrals for you) and a message for a SECOND AD.
  • When you use a Viral Rotator, a banner displays at the top of your webpage inviting viewers to get their own free rotator
Do you want your own eBook?
I have written several books, but if you don’t feel that you don’t have the writing skills to pull that off, here’s some ideas:
What about a collection of articles from an ezine directory?
  • Some of your favorite webpages (many authors give free reprint permission as long as you credit the original author – they are happy to get the exposure)
  • Many PLR article collections allow re-use or re-purposing
  • MRR permissions sometimes allow re-use of ebooks, articles, etc.  READ the license.
Helpful tips
  • When you create your collection, there are some free tools to create a PDF of your creation
  • There are free tools to create eCovers
  • Before you create the PDF,  be sure to place your affiliate links or banners in some of the “whitespace” at the end of a chapter or article.
  • Put a short bio at the end, and  include your favorite affiliate programs or interests.  ALWAYS leave your contact information
  • Put a Landing Page tied to an autoresponder – everyone who requests a download of your ebook, get them on YOUR list!
  • Put a link to your landing page in your signature line on mails (but not on credit mails or Solo ads).
Need help?  Let me know.
Rich Moyer

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