RoboForm  is a password management system.  

  • It is available on all platforms.
  • Join for $9 for the first year.  The price goes up to $29 per year after that.  
  • RoboForm Everywhere is the version that synchs with all platforms.  

Some days, I feel so unproductive.  It seems all that I do is login with ID’s and passwords all day.

I remember the days before I used Roboform to manage my passwords.  I used a combination of a little password-protected javascript app called Pocket, an Excel spreadsheet, or Word document (MS Office applications do have the ability to set a password).

Google Chrome was one of the first browsers to save your passwords for every site that required a login and password (Internet Explorer had the same capability but it was ridden with bugs and anomalies).

The problem was sharing those password keepers among multiple browsers on the same machine, and the various browsers and apps on other devices (at the time, I had 2 laptops, a Windows server, a Linux server, an iPad, an Android tablet, and an Android smartphone).  Roboform had come out with an Everywhere option, and I could not wait to sign up.

I guess you wonder how something that is accessible from the web, as a plug-in to multiple browsers, available as apps on multiple platforms can be safe.  Well, it is as long as you set a Master Password.

This is what I consider an absolutely REQUIRED TOOL for your toolkit.  Anyone who does business on the internet knows the frustration of keeping track of all the userid’s, passwords, bookmarks, etc.  

With any respectable inventory of safelists and traffic exchanges, you could have literally thousands of logins and passwords  Roboform detects when you are answering a login prompt, and will record the pertinent information.

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Password and Bookmark Manager $9 first year, then $29.95 per year
Here is the link for Roboform


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