Review: Atomic Mailer

Rating: 4/5

I joined as a free member. I found not only high CTRs on my mailings and banner ads, but there were some really cool advanced features.

Atomic Mailer was the highlight in one of the literally thousands of emails I receive every day.  I will click some email ads if they catch my eye, but since I own and administer 5 TAE/TE sites, I see ALL these ads and the sites they link to.  Don’t remember the reason, but I joined as a free member.  I found not only high CTRs on my mailings and banner ads, but there were some really cool advanced features.

Banner CTRs

One of the rating sites reported 10+:1 CTRs for banner ads


Atomic Mailer displays Mini Brander images from 4 different members on a banner ad. When someone clicks that banner, they will be taken to a page where they can learn more about those members and visit their web sites.

Your Promo Wall

Your Atomic Mailer Promo Wall is an easy way to earn referrals at Atomic Mailer while promoting your banners at the same time! Your Promo Wall will show your banners at Atomic Mailer that have credits assigned to them but will not deduct any credits from your banners. If you do not have any credits assigned to your banners at Atomic Mailer your Promo Wall will display your Atomic Mailer banners with your Afilliate links. Your Promo Wall will also display all your Atomic Mailer  splashpages like a rotator.

You can also have your Atomic Mailer splashpages and banners promoted by the Admin in the Admins Promo Wall at Atomic Mailer and at other great traffic exchanges and traffic driven sites by sending out an email or by reading 50 emails in a day. All you need to do is promote this URL:

Social Media Connection

Your Profile at Atomic Mailer allows you to define your Twitter ID. By first signing on to Twitter in the Edit Profile tab, when you switch over to the Affiliate Toolbox tab, you will find 9 (may be more) ready-to-go Tweets that you can post

Private Email to Your Referrals

This feature gives you direct access to your downline.  You can send a private message to one or all.

Email Formatter

Handy little tool that allows you to set the maximum line length, and it will format the email for you.  It doesn’t do a great job with bullet list items, but that requires a minimal amount of manual fix-up.  There is a link to get your own copy of the email formatter that you can install on your own website.

Some of  The Expected Features

PTC ads – get paid $.02 for each click

Missed Emails – read them onsite rather from your email client