Safelist Review

Rating: 4/5

While GiantProfitAds.Info is not a new safelist, it is new to me as the new owner of this AdminForFree format TAE. This TAE has many advanced features, and some very attractive lifetime membership fees that tout extremely generous initial point allocations, and fantastic ongoing credit awards for paid members.

There are literally thousands of safelists and text ad exchanges available in the internet marketing space.  Some are great, some good, and some barely scraping  by.  Because there is such a broad selection available, it is hard to get PAYING members to join up, or to get free members to do upgrades.   There are hundreds of sites that offer free memberships with generous points and advertising allocations, so the competitive landscape is pretty brutal.

My Previous Experience

My previous experience owning a safelist was not wonderful – no matter what incentives I offered, I could not substantially increase the membership roles, and once they joined, I could not retain them for long.  The majority of subscribers rarely utilized any of the available banner or text ad allocations, and even if they did, the login frequency was pathetically low.   As an inexperienced administrator, I did not have the edge it took to move things along.   The new owner has somewhat better luck, but is only barely making enough to pay for the hosting.

Under New Management

I have just acquired another safelist called GlobalProfitAds.Info.   The final details for me to take over as administrator are in the works as I am writing this review.  While still being another TAE in the AFF family of safelists (David Smith and AdminForFree) this differs somewhat from others I looked at because it is not only place to post your banners and text ads, but it has advanced advertising features such as Login ads, Solo Ads, and Surf ads are available.

Membership Options

Membership options are fairly standard:   Pro (free), JV, SuperJV.  The cost of lifetime membership is  EXTREMELY CHEAP with JV at $8, and SuperJV at $16.  There is a plan that has been announced to increase those fees after certain membership thresholds have been met, so there is an incentive to boost the membership referrals sooner than later. The points allocations on signup are generous, the points earned for the different ad types are very generous, and they pay a whopping 500,000 points at SuperJV for a referral, plus CASH.

SitRep Day 0

My initial impression is that the current membership is not very active due to the limited variety of banners, text ads, and surf ads that cycle through.   There is lots of room for improvement in getting participation from the membership and providing incentives for them to move ahead.


Nice Features

I spent a great deal of time defining my own banner ads, text ads, and hot links.   Hot links, once defined, cannot be edited and require administrator intervention to change or delete.   A nice feature is the ability to quickly add credits to your ads from one place.   Other TAE’s require a multi-step process to add credits: Purchase, Define, Assign.  The block of credits purchased was allocated to one ad in total – you could not assign lower increments than the block that was purchased.  Too many steps.  GiantProfitAds allows you to purchase a block of credits and assign them to the pool, then from one place, assign the desired number of credits while decrementing that pool to whatever credit size you wish. When surfing, both using the surf feature, and with banners and text ads posted within the site, members are granted credits for clicking banner ads and text ads.   I accumulated about 20,000 points in a  very short time by surfing (what few ads were in the system), but I created an almost endless cascade of new tabs that were worthy of credits by clicking not only the banner ads on each cascaded page, but also the text ads.  I was awarded (as SuperJV) 500 points for each text ad I clicked. Promotional materials provided:  Referral ID, Splash Page, 125×125 banner, 468×60 banner, 900×450 banner,  and several email swipes.


My plans for is to get bring similar functionality to all of my sites, grow membership roles, create a universal approach to all sites in our advertising community, and encourage ON-SITE viewing of ads of all types.