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Marty Petrizza Has Done It Again

I’ve been a fan.  Marty has created some of the most innovative, successful sites on the internet that deliver predictable, consistent results in advertising.  Referral Frenzy is no exception.

The affiliate program has just opened up.  You can promote Referral Frenzy, and get up to 50% Commissions. In addition, when YOUR referrals join the 100+ mailer sites that are partners with this site, they become YOUR downlines in those mailer sites.


So Easy to Use

  • Start by setting up your ads.  You can define an HTML ad, then create a text ad version.  Why?  There are two lists:  sites that accept HTML ads, and sites that only accept text ads
  • Once you create your ads, then you are ready to send.  Go to Send Mailings 2.0 – this is where the magic happens
  • The sites are divided into two lists: text-only or HTML.  So, if your ad is only HTML, it would not appear on the selection list for text-only sites.  Fortunately, Marty considered this, and in My Ads, you can load your HTML ad, and just click one link and it is converted to text-only.  Don’t forget to save it once you convert it.
  • Find the selection button, and select all.  RF will tell you if your login information is not stored, and you can just click on the site link to join it, then update your login and referral ID information in RF.
  • A cool feature is that RF checks the status of each site, and let’s you know if it is ready for promoting.  You are told how many members you are authorized to mail.  
  • Many sites require that you view a number of ads prior to submitting.  You can actually click the link in RF, and the ad links are brought right into RF for you to view. 
  • A little trick, to speed up the verification process. When you go to view ads, right click that link and open it in a new tab.  Click each ad link until you have as many as needed, then click the CHECK STATUS button.  If OK, just close the surfing window and go back to the main site window you already have open.
  • Once you have viewed all the ads you must, and have selected all the sites you want to mail, then go to the bottom of the page to select the ad you want to send.  You will get a confirmation of what sites will be mailed.

  • A new optional feature called SuperTools was added ($24 Lifetime) that helps you manage your sites, banners, and text ads on partner sites, and assign credits to those ads.  You can use credits you have earned, or purchase credits from that site and assign them.  HUGE TIME SAVER!

Check Out The Video About Referral Frenzy

Check out the video about SuperTools


This is a must-have tool.  Do what you can to get the upgrade – it is absolutely worth it!

There are even more companion products:

Marty Petrizza’s new site Mail-Hog is a top notch viral mailer with guaranteed views for every mail you send.  It is also home of the new and innovative POWER MAILER. Wait till you see how great this is!  You will never mail the same way again!.  The POWER MAILER links all her sites.
>>>>> Mail-Hog

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>>>>> Referral Frenzy


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