How To Promote – Landing Pages

Requirement:  If you intend to use landing pages and autoresponder content that was available on GrabThoseLeads, you will need to purchase, one-time, lifetime Gold membership at  

I will create templates and autoresponder messages that can be shared, however all content regarding the programs will be housed on this WordPress site.  

Landing Page Templates will be on TEHBcom.  Get the available landing pages I am sharing at the bottom of this post.

Autoresponder messages are on EverybodyMakesMoney

Here is what you can do to use the landing pages I have created:

Step by Step Procedure

  • Join (TEHBcom)
  • Join the program you want to promote.
  • Record your affiliate tools:  banners, buttons, login ads, ad copy, tweets,  your referral URL and splash pages.  See Organizing Your Business for tips and tools.


  •  Set up your Banners, and Text Ads using ad credits or purchase using your eWallet.
  • I recommend cloaking the referral link with TinyURL or my preference ViralURL.
  • Login to TEHBcom.  Go into Capture Pages
  • Paste the landing page URL from above into the address bar
  • Click Settings, and Duplicate This Page

  • Click Save, then My Capture Pages. Your new capture page will be at the bottom of your list.
  • Click Edit, then Settings.  If you did not set up an autoresponder message stream, click Manage Contact Groups.  Create your Contact Group (I suggest you prefix with your initials – ie. rjmPIF4All).  Go back to Capture Pages, My Capture Pages, and click Edit then Settings

  • Fill in the Title, set the Contact Group, select Append.
  • Set the Redirect to your complete Referral URL from the application you joined.
  • Save, then go back to the bottom of My Capture Pages and right click the capture page, copy link address (or whatever your browser uses).  THIS IS THE LAND|ING PAGE URL YOU WILL PROMOTE!  Again, I recommend cloaking with TinyURL or my preference ViralURL.

To Promote 

  • Use the landing page above for your Target URL in ads.

  • Remember – never put URLs in the body of credit mails or solo ads 
  • Promote on safelists, traffic exchanges, classified ad sites, solo sites, eBlaster sites, etc.
    • Post banners, buttons, login ads.  
    • Text ads, hotlinks, traffic links and other on-site ads


    • Solo Ads, credit emails, system emails
    • SuperNetwork ads (one ad for a few dollars goes to tens of thousands of members)


    • Classified Ads – use categories like Business Opportunities, Advertising

  • Here are my traffic source recommendations
    • Commissions Unleashed (solos, credit mailer, banners, SuperNetworks).  $17 OTO Lifetime Gold upgrade + 1/4 million points, monthly ads
    • Your Lucky Fast Cash (solos, credit mailer, banners, SuperNetworks). $17 OTO Lifetime Gold upgrade + 1/4 million points, monthly ads
    • Cash Stream Maximizer (solos, credit mailer, banners, SuperNetworks). $17 OTO Lifetime Gold upgrade
    • Instant Cash Engine (solos, credit mailer, banners, SuperNetworks). $17 OTO Lifetime Gold upgrade
    • Freedom Mails (SuperNetworks).  Join for free.  Lifetime SJV OTO $12.99
    • SimpleTextAds (HUGE SuperNetworks site).  Great deals on SuperNetwork Ad Packages

    • City Pennysavers (many free or paid ads, local or worldwide)
    • FunGuppy  (free text ads, blaster, ad swarm)
    • Referral Frenzy (free to join.  100+ safelists – once set up it is a huge time saver)
    • Viral Mail Profits (free to join.  Dozens of safelists – once set up it is a huge timesaver)
    • Traffic Ad Bar – Excellent traffic site

    • Herculist (credit mail to 55,000) – $49 per year for Gold Upgrade – mail every day
    • Banners and Bucks (Step 5 in the Residual Income Toolkit)
    • Rotate My Sites (Step 5 in the Residual Income Toolkit)
    • Viral Ads Club (Step 5 in the Residual Income Toolkit)
    • Leased Ad Space – $7 for 1 solo per month for life The Online Ad Network – unlimited text and banner ads – up to 50% CTRs
    • Global Money Line – Free leads but I recommend the one-time $20 upgrade so you can send to 20 at a time

Landing Page Templates in TEHBcom




Cash Stream Maximizer

TheDownliner Co-Op




The Marketers Mailer

Simple Text Adz




Generic Pages:


Invest In Yourself


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