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We are going to use the Paid Commission site Commissions Unleashed to show you how to build a lucrative business simply with Paid Commission safelist sites, and autoresponder tools to do “customer cultivation”, once your prospects are on YOUR LIST.

What Do We Mean by Paid Commissions Sites

The Paid Commissions strategy was first conceived (at least that was what I was told) by internet marketing superstar Frank Salinas.   I’ve been following Frank for several years, and his reputation precedes him: just about everything he touches turns to Gold.  They were originally known as “Instant Commission” sites, but due to potential problems with those words as they relate to the Paypal TOS, the “Instant” commission model has been dropped by Frank Salinas, Joe Freyaldenhoven, me, and other owners.  MY terminology is “Paid Commission Sites” and members are paid earned commissions WEEKLY (if they exceed the $10 minimum payment requirement).

Joe (BubbaJoe) Freyaldenhoven adopted Frank’s strategy for his websites because it complemented his philosophy he used to form Team Elite Home Businesses – give people a robust set of state of the art marketing tools, lifetime memberships, training, free or affordable advertising, and earnings opportunities for just a little money, and we ALL succeed.
Paid Commissions sites generally follow the same recipe:

Membership Levels – One free level, and 4 paid Lifetime memberships

    • Free Memberships are available that earn 20% of sales.  To maintain that membership, they must be active in every 30 day period
    • 4 Levels of Lifetime Membership
      • Silver – 33% of sales
      • Gold – 50% of sales
      • Platinum – 75% of sales
      • Founders – 100%+ of sales


Whoa Nellie!  How can you get 100%+ Commissions? Once you understand how commissions are administered, it will make sense.

Most traditional commission systems are built on a PERCENTAGE of the SALE.  They take the total commission-eligible revenue for a sale and pay out a percentage of that transaction.  The funds are held by the system administrator and are distributed on request once the member exceeds a minimum distribution threshold.

Paid Commissions sites are different!  It considers the NUMBER of Payments.  When it is either the admin’s turn, or the member’s turn… THEY GET THE FULL AMOUNT OF PAYMENT

REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT!  Depending on the site administrator, commissions COULD be paid directly to the sponsor, but to stay out of hot water with Paypal, many sites, including MINE have adopted the traditional commission payout model.

Even free members can earn money!  For example:
A Pro (free) member earns 20% of SALES.  The member gets the full amount of 1 sale, the Admin gets the full amount of the next 4 sales (regardless of amounts).
Rinse and Repeat.

Just suppose that a sale in rotation for the free member is $397 (a Founders Upgrade).  In traditional comp plans, a Free Member would get $79.40  (397 * 1/5).

With Paid Commissions sites, that Free member would earn $397!!!

And… on some sites, the funds are distributed immediately, directly to the sponsor via Paypal, Payza, or other payment processor available.  That is why it is so critical to complete your profile on Paid Commissions sites.  If there is no payment method defined in the sponsor’s profile, then that payment DEFAULTS TO THE ADMIN.  MY Paid Commission Sites DO NOT direct payment to the sponsor, but to the admin who administers commission disbursements.

Another important point is that even a Free member can sponsor a FOUNDER.  You do not need to attain that level to receive the compensation for someone who upgrades to the higher level.

Now, an examples of a Great Deals:
Using a Gold Member (50% Commissions)

  • Admin gets 1 Sale(regardless of amount).
  • Gold Member gets 1 Sale
  • Admin Gets 1 Sale
  • Gold Member Gets 1 Sale

And it gets even better, the MONEY ZONE,

  • Platinum Member (75% Commission)
  • Admin gets 1 Sale (regardless of amount)
  • Platinum Member gets 3 Sales!

Then all the way up to Founders Level

  • The Founder level member gets ALL of the Sales (including the Admin’s share)

I’ll bet you are thinking that the Founder has to work his/her butt off to keep a continuous stream of referrals to make that 100%+


The Admin only gets the “pass-up” commissions if the Admin personally brings in the referral or is the top of the referral tree.  All other referrals flow down from Founders.  So for all members who were NOT in the Admin downline:

  • Free member gets 1 sale, FOUNDER gets 4 sales
  • Silver member gets 1 sale, FOUNDER gets 3 sales
  • Gold member gets 1 sale, FOUNDER gets 1 sale
  • Platinum member gets 3 sales, FOUNDER gets 1 sale

So you see, it is even a better deal to be a FOUNDER than an Admin!  No system admin headaches, hosting fees, SuperNetwork partnerships, traffic co-ops, tech support, approving and denying ads.  Just sit back and collect commissions and encourage your complete downline to INFINITE LEVELS to recruit more and more referrals!

What are the Incentives to Join Paid Commission sites?

This varies by site, and the promo du jour, but generally, Paid Commissions sites offer a very affordable  OTO (generally a Lifetime Gold membership, tons of ads and points).  For instance, this is an example OTO for CommissionsUnleashed:

  • $17 One Time Lifetime Gold Membership
  • Earn 50% of Sales
  • Claim over $450 in Free Traffic!
  • Redeem Other Promo Codes Hidden Within the Site!
  • Eligible to upgrade to Platinum

What Features Will You Find at CommissionsUnleashed?

is an Paid Commissions list building site, safelist, and surf site

Onsite Ad Types
(Purchase, Trade Points or Commissions)
Text links, Banners, Buttons, Block Ads, Headline Ads, AdsPlus Ads,  Premium Ads, Login Ads, Featured Ads,  Billboard Ads,

Email Ad Types
(Purchase, Trade Points or Commissions)
Solo Ads, Member Solos, List Mailer, System Mailer, Footer Ads, Header Ads

Paid Members have a No-Email Option.

Premium Ad Types (Highly Effective)
(Purchase or Trade Commissions)
Residual Builder, Bonus Gift Slots, Daily Bonus Slots, Fullpage Ads

SuperNetworks (BEST VALUE)
(Purchase for only $3.99 each)
Ads sent to Tens of Thousands.  Top Apex Solo Network Ads, Global Viral Network Ads
SuperNetworks have a high percentage of Paid Commission sites that have a high percentage of PAID members

Viral Ad Types
Viral Links, Viral Ads, Viral Rotators

Do you want to learn MORE about each feature, specials, hints and tips, free or low cost eCourses, free or low cost eBooks, done-for-you autoresponder campaign?

Download the Free eBook – Click the Book Cover.



The Plan

Join Commissions Unleashed

  • Take OTO #1 or the Second Chance OTO! 
  • How Much?  $17.00 for Lifetime Gold Membership.
  • Get $450 in Ads and Bonuses with Gold Upgrade
  • Huge Variety of Onsite and Email Ad Options
  • Earn 50% of Sales and Upgrades from your Referrals.
  • Opens the Door to Platinum or Founder Upgrades.
  • Current promo (at the time of this article) an Additional QUARTER MILLION POINTS

Save Time and Money

  • SuperNetwork Solo Ads to Tens and Thousands
  • All Double Opt-In Members
  • Takes 2 Minutes Per Ad
  • One Membership.  2 SuperNetworks.  Under $4 Each Solo
  • Bulk Purchase SuperNetwork Ads 5 for $15.  
  • Surfing for Credits Not Necessary. 

Build Your List

  • Each Referral is on YOUR List
  • Email Your Referrals with YOUR Offers
  • Banners, Text Ads, Solo Ad Copy, Tweets Provided
  • Optional Autoresponder & Lead Capture System
    Team Elite Responder for $47 Gold Lifetime.
    Done-For-You Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponders
  • Extensive Downline Builder at Commissions Unleashed and

Earn Money

  • Earn 50% of Sales for Each Referral’s Upgrades, Ad Purchases as a Gold member
  • You Get Paid 100% of one sale, Pass Up the Next…
  • Rinse and Repeat

Make TRAFFIC Your Business Opportunity!

    • Sign Up for Other “Paid Commission” Sites
  • Your Lucky Fast Cash offers the Same 2nd Chance OTO  
  • Join all “Paid Commission” Sites (from the Downline Builder on Commissions Unleashed)
  • More Sites Converting to “Paid Commission” Sites Every Week
  • Many of these Sites Offer Different SuperNetworks to Extend Your Advertising Reach
  • Join Mega SuperNetwork Site SimpleTextAds
  • Download My Free eBook, “A Traffic Strategy” for the Full Scoop!

Learn Here.  Earn Here.  Sign Up Here (click the banner)

Commissions Unleashed is an excellent opportunity site.

  • This is NOT a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme, MLM or a get-rich-quick program.
  • It is NOT a matrix program, or a multi-level marketing program.
  • There is no requirement to have a website or sell any product to use our service.
  • There is no requirement to refer anyone to our site to use our service.
  • Bringing in referrals can be rewarded with commissions, points, or ads.
  • Purchases made by referrals pay commission ON ONLY ONE LEVEL to the sponsor according to that sponsor’s membership level.
  • Commission is earned as a percentage of SALES instances, not a percentage of revenue
  • You won’t get rich by using our internet advertising program.
  • Members are required to login and show activity on their account at least in every 30 day period.
  • Members are required to have Paypal or Payza to be paid commissions or make any onsite ad purchases or upgrades.
  • Payments of commissions are direct to the admin via Paypal or Payza.
  • There is a no refund policy
  • 100%+ Commissions is a phrase that describes 100% Commissions from all sales + the Admin share.  Only Founder level members qualify for 100%+ Commissions.



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