Microsoft Windows Accessories


Microsoft Windows Accessories

Free Tools You Probably Didn’t Know You Had

Microsoft Windows Accessories

  • Paint – Graphical editor included with every version of Windows
    This is the handiest graphical tool, and believe it or not, the one I use the most.  I create many banners, and use Paint to crop or resize graphics quickly.  Paint also does format conversions (jpg, pgn, gif) to satisfy the fussiest applications.
  • Snipping Tool – Screen Capture tool included with every version of Windows
    I cannot tell you how often I need a screenshot of something while creating documentation or tutorials. I can quickly grab a snapshot, copy it to the clipboard, paste it into Paint, annotate, and save it.
  • WordPad or Notebook – Simple text editing tools included with every version of Windows 
  • Speech Recognition – Allows you to “dictate” – after it is “trained” to your voice, it gets better every time you use it.

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