Leased Ad Space

 Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is a new concept in advertising that gives you fantastic traffic and a powerful stream of income.  Start out with a one-time payment of $7 that gives you one solo ad to the full membership every 28 days for LIFE.  As you invite others to join and purchase the same ad package, you build your matrix, and your compensation.  You must own the package level to resell it and earn commissions.

The video does a great job of explaining the whole process.  I strongly recommend that you ad Leased Ad Space to your traffic portfolio.

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Leased Ad Space (LAS) Solo Ads

LAS solo ads go to all subscribed members, subscribing to the solo ads is not something you have to do. LAS uses a separate opt-in process for this, and members choose to participate in the solo ads, it is double opt-in, just like joining the site.  Every member that wishes to participate in solo ads has to separately do this from their edit profile and must confirm their email address.

LAS members report they are getting results from the solo ads.

Something to keep in mind:  All LAS members are paid members.  They cannot participate in the solo ad program if they have not purchased a traffic package. These are proven buyers, so if you have good email copy and a good offer, you should get results from them.

LAS solo ads also all post to the ad blog, which is a public page that gets spidered and indexed by the search engines.  Solo ads stay on the ad blog permanently.

Solo ads are a lifetime benefit.  You can use solo ads to advertise to the entire subscribed membership of Leased Ad Space, forever, no matter how large the site gets, this is permanent advertising, to advertise what ever you wish.

As a Pearl member you can send 1 solo ad every 28 days forever. With every traffic package purchase after that, the amount of time you have to wait between sending your solo ad out is reduced.

You will receive solo ads from other members. Many people set up a separate gmail account for this service because many people have an email address totally dedicated to using solo ad services, safelist and mailers.

Banner and Text Ads

You also get banner and text ad impressions with every traffic purchase.  Except for the Red Diamond Traffic Package, these do not refresh them selves.

LAS members are from all over the world.  Check out the Alexa ranking.  In 6 months, we are now the 19,000 most visited website in the world in the United states, and 31,000 globally, this is out of the tens of millions of websites online.


How much advertising can $7 get you at Leased Ad Space?

Understanding the Leased Ad Space platform

Understanding Your LAS Members Area

Purchasing Your First Traffic Package

Setting up your traffic packages

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