JitBit Autotext – The Shortcut for Shortcuts

JitBit AutoText is Like Having Multiple Clipboards

You might be having a hard time visualizing what this tool does.  The easiest way to explain it is that you can choose a word or phrase, a sentence, or a whole paragraph, and assign it a shortcut so you only type a few letters, and that whole thing you created the shortcut for, is inserted as text at your cursor.

I use this tool all the time.  For instance:

  • As a monitor in the WorldProfit Live Business Center, there are things I find myself typing over and over in response to visitor questions.  I create a shortcut so I don’t have to type it all out.  For instance, the name WorldProfit, my shortcut is c-wp.  Every time I type c-wp the word WorldProfit is typed in its place.

  • I use this to make quick additions of my standard signature line to the end of an email.  That abbreviation is c-rjm.

  • A standard PS I use is c-ps Go here to see what others are talking about  http://av.id.ly/psclickpower

  • My safelist site names:  
    • c-cu is Commissions Unleashed.  
    • c-yl is Your Lucky Fast Cash
    • gpa is Giant Profit Ads 
    • mca is Mad Cow Ads
    • c-wcs is WebcastSource
    • pptae is Philadelphia PA TAE
  • I can turn it on, or turn it off so it does not do any substitutions

  • This tool has so many uses.  If I realize that I am typing the same thing over and over, I just create a new Autotext and use the abbreviation

  • My statistics show that I have 887,416 characters stored, and have had 23,719 snippets expanded.  You see, I USE THIS TOOL!

  • You can import and export files of shortcuts.  I remember when I first started as a monitor at the WorldProfit Live Business Center, one of the senior monitors at the time shared her Monitor export file with me.  Once I imported her file, I was instantly ready to go with the shortcuts and replies she was teaching me to use.

Free to try – a Must Have Tool!  A one year subscription is $22.85.  For me, I could not function without this.  I have severe arthritis and neuropathy in my hands, and I would not be able to do many of the things I do that require manual typing.

There is no affiliate program for JitBit AutoText.  Order Here.

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