Getting Referrals and Building Downlines

Getting Referrals and Building Downlines

We have entered a new generation of Safelists called Instant Commissions sites. The sites are designed for making money and great advertising. Their hallmark is fantastic One-Time-Offers (OTO) of incredibly inexpensive LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS that lavish the subscriber with massive packages of points and ads, and these memberships, even free members, earn commissions.

The commissions are structured differently than most are familiar with: It is effectively a “pass-up” structure where, if it is the member’s “turn” to receive the commission, it is 100% of the sale.

So let’s look at a typical OTO (for example, on my two Instant Commission sites, CommissionsUnleashed and YourLuckyFastCash).  When a new member signs up, they are presented with the OTO, GOLD Lifetime member, that earns 50% of Sales.

The first sale goes to the administrator or Founder at the top of the member’s sponsor tree. The next sale, since the Gold member earns 50% of sales, goes to the Gold member. Then back to the administrator founder. Then back to the Gold member. So every time that Gold member receives a commission no matter the amount, it is 100% of the amount of that sale.   For example, if the Gold member signs up a referral, and that referral signs up for the OTO, which is a Lifetime Gold Membership, with half million points and a huge ad package for $17.00, that Gold member will receive the 100% of the sale, which is $17.00.

The levels at Instant Commission sites are typically:

  • Silver member – earns 33% of sales. That means the first two sales go to the Admin/Founder, and the third sale goes to the Silver member.
  • Gold member – earns 50% of sales. The Admin/Founder gets the first sale, the Gold member gets a second sale, the third sale goes to the Admin/Founder, etc.
  • Platinum member – earns 75% of sales. The first sale goes to the Admin/Founder. The next three sales go to the Platinum member.
  • Founding member – earns 100% of commissions plus the Admin share, so if you are a Founding member, you get all the pass up from all of your referrals for an infinite number of levels down.

Would You Like a SUPER DOWNLINE?

Our members don’t understand who is in their downline. 

  • For a Founding Member, the Founder’s downline is everyone that joins under him or his referrals to unlimited levels.  Months or years from now someone could join in his downline and he would receive that commission for the fist sale
  • The downline for all other members is just their referrals.

It behooves any member just short of Founding Member to upgrade to Founder to get a SUPER DOWNLINE!

Here is a list of the sites that I either own, or where I am a Founding member.  (Actually, being a Founder has all the benefits of being an Admin from a compensation standpoint, with none of the Admin headaches or responsibilities)

Super Downline Builder Sites

There are a few sites whose whole purpose is to build massive downlines.  This could take a tremendous amount of time to populate these sites with all of your affiliate ID’s or Referral URLs (yes, there is  difference).

Having tools like Downline Builder Caddy (DBC) AND Downline Builder Elite (DBE) makes this easier for some sites.  I use both.  Downline Builder Elite has the most complete list of sites, and for the sites DBE can access directly the automation is awesome,  but Downline Builder Caddy can work with almost any dowline builder list by updating the Cloud database.

I had purchased Downline Builder Caddy first, and started to populate that database by “synchronizing”.    When I saw the incredible automation in Downline Builder Elite, I populated each screen in Dowline Builder Elite with DLBCaddy, updated those entries that were missing, and then re-synchronized with DLBCaddy to capture my updates.
>>>>> Downline Builder Caddy
>>>>> Downline Builder Elite

So, sites with massive downline builder lists:

Referral Frenzy and Downline Builder Elite.  These two sites go hand in hand because they share the same database. The 89+ sites in Referral Frenzy are synchronized with DBC.
>>>>> Referral Frenzy

Downline Builder Elite.  A massive database of sites.
>>>>> Downline Builder Elite

Total Downlines.  Also a contender – a great downline builder list.
>>>>> Total Downlines

Viral Mail Hurricane.  I just found this – over 400 sites.
>>>>> Viral Mail Hurricane

Team Elite Home Businesses (TEHB dot com) – with over 300 sites,this is a substantial list.  You have to understand that this was designed to INTEGRATE with the autoresponder and lead capture pages so the Affiliate Center does not look or feel like your typical downline builder site.  It will not work with DBE or DBC.
>>>>> Team Elite Home Businesses

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