Everybody Needs A Blog or Two

Before I even considered eCommerce and Network Marketing, I was a blogger.

Blogging was a way for me to write.  When I first retired, I had written a book, but was frustrated with the actual process of going through publishers, critiques and rewrites to meet someone ELSE’s content ideas and writing style.  I liked what I wrote, so I even tried self publishing.

Then someone introduced me to WordPress.  My first blog was InfoAboutAnything – a collection of anecdotes, personal stories, and a section for my favorite topic – techie stuff.   I actually have several books that are compilations of my blog articles.

I kept building blogs with different themes (because that’s what the SEO experts said to do).  I built ExcelVBAWizard  to share Excel tips and techniques, VBA programming, and an index of tips from my heroes – the Microsoft MVP’s.

Here are some of the other sites I had (or still have)

  • Foodie and Cooking blogs (my wife’s first love) FoodsSource, Everything Cooking, Famous Restaurant Recipes Revealed

  • Health and wellness sites – Health Tips and Advice, Yoga Blog

  • Product blogs to complement my two, 10000 product eCommerce sites (Cooking and kitchen products, and jewelry)

  • eCommerce blogs with shopping carts for eBooks and training courses

  • eBay Product eStores – Articles and reviews for my eBay business

  • I had a review site to complement my two membership video sites (Body building and entertainment)

  • I was a Expedia affiliate, and had several travel related blogs

  • I had specialty sites to build squeeze pages with InstaBuilder (I still use it)

  • Business to Business blogs (still in operation)

  • Software and theme sites for Global NPN, Pure Leverage

  • Customer blogs (I built them for my consulting customers to establish a web presence, create articles, and online brag books for electrical contractors, home improvement contractors, landscapers, a vineyard grower and a winery blog)

  • I now have an Streaming Amazon  store ( ItsJustBusinessDude.com ) with live feeds and a unique feature – set your discount level BEFORE you search to find some of the hidden or not-well publicized discounted items (there are LOTS)

At one time I had about 25 active blogs, half a dozen eCommerce sites, and a bunch of specialty sites, most of them were fairly active.   I learned SEO, got them ranked in Google,  had them monetized with Amazon, Adwords, Clickbank, and my dropshipper catalog, until the Penguin release of Google SEO.,  Then everything flatlined.  All the SEO work I had done changed.

Blogging still remains a viable vehicle to showcase some of your work, discuss business topics, and have an “archive” of Facebook and Twitter posts (actually, post them to your blog and share them on FB and Twitter).

How to Start Your Own Blog

The easiest way is to sign up for a reputable hosting account .  I recommend GDI, not only because you get a free .ws domain name (lots of selection), they are reliable, inexpensive ($10 per month), have all the WordPress software for free, and GDI has a great comp plan.  There is so much you can do once you have a hosting account with Cpanel access.


I have many training programs, themes, plugins, for WordPress, and blogging.  Here are some of my favorites:

Blogger’s  Roadmap

Master WordPress Videos

WordPress Azon Theme

WordPress Video Training Vol 1 ** – Everybody should have a blog, or two.  Content is king. But you don’t have the slightest idea of how to get started.  This video course teaches you from the basic through being a blog admin. 

WordPress Video Training Vol 2 ** – advanced WordPress training – a MUST HAVE

Instant Funnel Machine actually uses a custom WordPress theme to serve the funnels you create.

Easy WordPress ** – Get Instant Access To 25 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials On How To Start and Run Your Own Blog For Fun or Profit! Simply Watch And Follow The Videos To Get Your Blog Up And Running In No Time


5 Minute Articles ** (Value: $9.97) – What if you started using Ezinearticles.com in a similar way to other writing styles?

WordPress Easy Marketer  ** – This plugin will get you started with a content rich site in under 5 minutes!

Writing Riches ** – If You Can Read And Follow Simple Instructions, You Can Easily Earn 5-Figure Sums Without Having To Worry About Writing Content At All

Unrestricted Marketing Articles ** – Use these 200 Unrestricted Articles to generate fresh traffic to any blog or website

Instant Ways To Monetize Your Blog ** – Learn how to monetize your blog and reap the rewards of your skills

Massive Article Profits ** – How To Dominate Your Niche – Boosting Your Profits, Traffic and Credibility by Using This Free and Simple Marketing Tool!

** Join WorldProfit as a Silver member for $99.95 per month or…
Join safelist WebcastSource.net and upgrade to Lifetime member for $18 and get starred products for free

I have given you lots of resources.
The best way to get started:  Sign up for GDI, and DO IT!

Rich Moyer

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