DropBox – Free Secure Cloud Storage

DropBox – Free, Secure Cloud Storage that Synchronizes with All Platforms.

Dropbox is another tool that is handy for sharing files with others. The thing I like about Dropbox is that it appears in the left window of Windows Explorer. I don’t need to start another application, I just drop and drag files from my hard drive or external drives to the folder in DropBox.

I use this mostly for storage of my eBooks and eBook covers. I open the MS-Word document to edit the text in the eBook, save it, then SaveAs a PDF document located in the PUBLIC folder of DropBox. Once in the PUBLIC folder, I right click, then Copy Public Link. When I make changes, I just overwrite the PDF file. This allows me to make corrections or changes to references and links (which seem to ALWAYS change after you publish), and I don’t need to change or update the URL.

DropBox is particularly handy with multiple devices. I have several machines – two laptops, a tower desktop, a Linux server, tablet, and smartphone. Because Dropbox synchronizes all devices, I can make an update wherever I am to key documents I store there, and those changes are propagated to all of them.

This is another free utility with which I have not exhausted the space allocated to free members (and if you knew me at all, you would know that I am a Power User of EVERYTHING!).  Join Dropbox HERE.


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