PennySaver is all grown up and entered the Digital Age.

You remember how effective those short little text and banner ads were…
in the days before eBay and Craigslist.  I know I’ve bought some cool stuff in my day.
Well, you can guess the exposure ads got just by giving away those free booklets right next to the real estate and apartment papers.
Now, add some REAL INTERNET TRAFFIC and WHAM!!! 
Sign up for a free membership that includes 100 free banner views.

NOW, as an owner, you get 25 UNLIMITED LIFETIME ads for EACH City Pennysaver that you own.

You can add as many views to these advertisements as you want. Add UNLIMITED views!

You can use these advertisements for local businesses, your businesses, or anything you want.

You can sell these advertisements for any amount you like and keep it all.

These advertisements will show above any other advertisements on your City Pennysaver, (most of the time). These advertisements are yours, AND NEVER EXPIRE, for as long as you are the Owner of your City Pennysaver.


You can choose to only allow local advertising on your City Pennysaver and block World Wide advertising.

So, What Does This All Cost?

$10 per year for each CityPennySaver site.  I recommend the Platinum upgrade for $9.95 each 6 months (Unlimited advertising for $30 per year!) AND there is no reseller fee.  You can purchase as many CityPennySaver Sites as you like (if they are not already owned).

Check out my City Pennysaver Sites
City Pennysaver Price List
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Yet Another Dimension – Raining Dates

I struggled with this one.  When I first saw the ads, I immediately shut it down.  But..  I just watched a 30 minute video from Tim, and to see his excitement, and to hear the earning potential AND learned that I could drive traffic to Raining Dates, and sell advertising with City Pennysavers.  The same  comp plan, the same promotion tools, and low cost of entry, I thought I would give it a try.

The Business Opportunity is what intrigues me – I want nothing to do with the “dating client” side of the business (and my wife wouldn’t like it too much),  but, in the spirit of fully understanding what was involved, I did sign up for a free dating profile.

Right now, you can get in on the ground floor as a Raining Dates Agent for free, and I recommend upgrading to Platinum for $9.99 for six months.  Sounds familiar, right – exactly like City Pennysaver.   The “Agent” gives away free profiles while in Pre-Launch.  The customers are permitted to fill out their own profiles, but will not be able to search and view other profiles.  Once Raining Dates launches, a $10 per year upgrade opens up that capability.

So, as an agent, any agents you bring in that upgrade to Platinum (the only upgrade for $9.99 for 6 months), you get 50% of sales.  You keep the first sale, pass up the second, etc.  For each of the dating profiles, you get the first $10, and pass up the second.

Promotion tools are pretty cool – a Tweet generator.  Just click a button, and a new unique tweet is created.  You earn credits for the traffic generated.

Join as a Raining Dates Agent, and start laying the groundwork for a potentially huge income opportunity.   Not lots of work, actually fun.  Give it a try.


Check out my Raining Dates  Sites
>>>> Collegeville PA
>>>> King of Prussia PA
>>>> Philadelphia PA


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