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Carl Bailey Websites  The Residual Income Toolkit

Carl Bailey has delivered some simple, extremely useful, extremely effective traffic and utility sites.  Not only are these great utilities, but they are also a great opportunity to earn residual income.  I have personally joined and upgraded to all of these sites, and in fact, use them to generate quality traffic for my Traffic Co-Op.

  • Rotate My Sites – This URL rotator allows you to promote all your links with one URL.  Some unique features.  Essentially, you’re recycling your traffic to gain additional exposure for your other promo links!.– One of your links is displayed in the “active” frame.
    – The rest of your links display randomly in a curtain menu (banners).
    – If a surfer’s mouse leaves the “active” frame, the curtain menu opens automatically.
    – If a surfer clicks any banner on the menu, its site url opens automatically in the “active” frame.
    – Our “new tab” extension lets surfers open sites in new tabs, without closing the “active” frame.

    Free members get up to 3 rotator links and earn $4.00 for each referral upgrade.
    Upgraded members have unlimited links, and earn $10 for each referral upgrade. Lifetime upgrade is only $19.95.

  • Banners and Bucks – a great banner rotator for 125×125 and 468×60 banners.Free members may pass your first ten (10) sales in exchange for your LIFETIME UPGRADE.  That $150 will be paid to your sponsor, but for a one-time cost of $29.95 for the Lifetime Upgrade, you get $15 commissions for each sale.

    Upgraded members get their banners to rotate in the 3rd spot on EVERY Splash Page for Every Member in your downline.

  • Viral Ads Club – To grow a huge membership base for mutually beneficial promotion of member banner ads which will also create an affordable, residual stream of income to benefit each and every member.This is a paid member only site $2.95 per month.  You earn $1 per month for each referral.  Unlimited residual income – 3 and you are free.
  • Splash Wizard – Make your own beautiful splash pagesFree members may create as many new splashes as you wish!  However, unless you purchase a page or choose to upgrade, those splash pages will automatically self-delete in 7 days.

    PRO members can create and maintain as many new splash pages as you wish! PRO members may create their own splash pages with which to promote the Splash Wizard, as well as using the affiliate links and splash pages located in “Promo tools”.

  • Fugly Banners – this is a free banner maker and rotator (for the banners you create) – MUST HAVE.  Includes hosting. Any banners you save will have the Fugly Banners label.  You can get an unlimited White Label license for $34.The income opportunity is with the Downline Builder

    Downline Builder Opportunity – Join the downline builder for $17.  Upgraded DLB members earn $17 for each upgraded referral (or any upgrades in your downline if their sponsor has not upgraded).

    Marketers should NEVER promote using the standard (all too familiar) affiliate banners…
    Marketers should ALWAYS strive to promote using unique, personalized and/or branded banners

  • SplashSplashSplash – Splash ViewerYou choose which of your links is displayed first.The rest of your links are sequenced in random order after the first.

    If a potential customer is not interested in your first offer, they can view your other links…

    Our “new tab” extension lets customers open links in new tabs, without closing the Viewer.

    You are leveraging (recycling) your traffic to gain additional exposure for your splashes & links!

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