BUSTED!!!   We just noticed that an advertising competitor has been watching us!

These slippery weasels, have introduced their own “pretend” version of Worldprofit’s popular Diamond URL Rotator.

They’ve got their own name for it but essentially it costs 10  TIMES  what ours cost, AND you don’t get 5 URLS like we offer, you get just 1 URL only.

Plus, they don’t advertise your URL to anywhere near as many as sites as we do, we promote your 5 URLS on over 5,500 sites!

Other services simply can’t offer what Worldprofit does! We’ve been in business so long (23 years), we’ve grown a gigantic network of traffic sites, partners and vendors to keep our prices rock bottom  — and we have our own trusted programmer and expert marketer to keep our advertising service verifiable, operational and effective 24 hours a day (thanks George Kosch)!

So…. it you didn’t think Worldprofit’s Diamond URL Rotator is a tremendous value at just $37 for ONE YEAR of advertising for your 5 URLS, think again!   Remember you can change your ads as often as you like. Or set it and forget it just let your ads run continuously for the next 12 months.

Worldprofit’s Diamond Ad Rotator released last February has been breaking sales records over the last year.

People love it, plain and simple.

>>>>> http://av.id.ly/wpdiamond

IMPORTANT Note: If you are already a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member DON’T order from the link above! Instead login to your Member area and on the TOP MENU click on DIAMOND   ROTATOR.  Order there and when you do, you get to go to the FRONT OF THE LINE and enjoy PRIORITY AD Approval 24 HRS/Day.

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