Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

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Business Plan Template
By: Richard Moyer


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Define Your Business Goals


What are YOUR Goals?

  • How much TIME are willing to dedicate to YOUR business?
  • How much MONEY are you willing to invest in YOUR Business?
  • What is a REALISTIC short and long term financial target for YOU?
  • What resources do you have available?
  • Do you want to build a new business, or expand/focus an existing business?


Define your Market, Niche, and Potential Customers

  • Who are your potential customers?  Warm Market? Your existing list?
  • Do they already have a business or are they starting from scratch?
  • What are your potential customers’ goals?
  • How to acquire new customers


What Resources Do You Need?

  • Inventory of current resources
  • Resource requirements
  • Gap Analysis
  • Resource acquisition planning
  • Consultants and retainers
  • Education and training

Formalize Your Business


Business Registration

  • Zoning requirements and acquisition
  • Licensing requirements and acquisition
  • Professional Certification


Business Organization and Tax planning

  • Business organization requirements and registration
  • Business reporting requirements
  • DBA or Fictitious Name registration
  • EIN or Social Security registration
  • Business filing requirements
  • Accounting method and tools
  • Federal/State/Local tax filing requirements
  • Safe Harbor funding and reporting
  • Sales Tax reporting and filing


Workplace Requirements

  • Home Office or rent/lease
  • Comprehensive and liability insurance
  • Equipment, furniture
  • Computers, printers
  • Office supplies


IT Infrastructure

  • Computers, printers
  • Software
  • Internet, routers, wifi, network
  • Security
  • Websites, hosting, software


Business Insurance

  • Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Liability



  • Workmens Comp (if you have employees)
  • Benefits and/or medical insurance
  • Payroll processing and tax withholding/filing
  • HR
  • Policies and procedures

Pro Forma

  • Start-up expenses
  • Fixed assets
  • Expenses
  • Revenue
  • Liabilities/loans/financing
  • Equity


Professional Resources

  • Attorney
  • Consultant
  • Accountant


Business Continuity

  • Backup and recovery
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Records retention
  • Records destruction


Exit Strategy

  • Dissolution and sale
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Asset division/distribution

Operate Your Business

Marketing Plan

  • Media – print, email, TV/Radio/Internet, telemarketing
  • Advertising strategy
  • Elevator speech
  • Value Proposition


Product Creation

  • Design
  • Creative
  • Patents, copyrights, and licenses
  • Franchises



  • Contracts and leases
  • Partnership agreements
  • Legal forms
  • Notary services

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