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You have recently seen some articles on autoresponders.  I am frequently asked about what autoresponders I use, and what do I think of them.

Well, I have, and USE, many autoresponders.  Here is the current list (I also have others):


  • Aweber – Full Featured Autoresponder Only.  Gets very expensive as your list grows.  Basic is $19.95 per month.  No reseller fee.
    • No landing page builder
  • GVO/Pure Leverage/GotBackup – Full Featured Business System.  GVO was my first autoresponder and I have some of my largest newsletters there. $24.95 per month.  Reseller fee $19.95 per month.  100% commission.
    • No landing page builder
  • – Full Featured Autoresponder. $14.95 per month for unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, unlimited subscribers, campaign chaining, and through the Matrix Buster program you can get 30 days for free, and  your second month for free.
    • No landing page builder
  • Viral Express – custom autoresponder integrated with application.  Has limits with the free version.  Same platform as M&G Home Business and European Safelist autoresponder.
    • No landing page builder
  • Xtreme Lifestyles Network – A front-end for 4 Corners Alliance and other XLN programs.  Somewhat limited.  $11.95 per month unlimited subscribers, campaigns, messages.  Built on LSN 1.0 platform.

  • National Wealth Center Prime – Built on LSN 1.0 platform. $30 Monthly fee.  Full featured autoresponder, landing page builder included

  • WorldProfit – Limited Function Integrated prospect manager and autoresponder functions.   Requires Platinum VIP upgrade for $149.95 per month.  So much more than an autoresponder

  • All-In-One-Profits Response – Full Featured but no frills Autoresponder with available hosting, landing pages, and so much more.  $11.50 per month.  No reseller fee.  $10 commission per referral per month but it does have a pass-up requirement. Limited function landing page builder

  • M&G Home Business – Full Featured Autoresponder and complete autopilot business system.  Bulk leads or 10-15 targeted leads per day. $39.95 per month
    •  No landing page builder
  • Lead Generation Tools – Limited Function Integrated Autoresponder
    • No landing page builder
  • Get Response – One of the top rated – I recommend joining through JVZoo because it is tightly integrated with a custom API.  $15 per month – graduated fee based on number of subscribers
  • Response Magic – One response message only. A decent contact manager for MLMROD.  Not what I consider an autoresponder.  Graduated fee for over 100 subscribers
  • Stiforp – I like the template-based message approach $9.95 per month but limited subscribers without upgrade 
  • European Safelist – Basic function autoresponder $7 per month
  • No landing page builder


  • ARGWA – Plug-in works with WordPress.  Free.  Limited due to blog hosting restrictions on number of outgoing messages.
  • No landing page builder


  • Lead System Network – Full Featured Business System but expensive.  Full function autoresponder, landing page builder included.  Basic $30 per month.  Reseller fee $19.95 per month. Poor support 
  • Global NPN – Full Featured Business System with a respectable autoresponder but support is non-existent. Expensive. 
  • Mail Chimp – has been a contender but gets expensive as your list grows.

Why So Many?

I am involved with MANY projects and systems.  They each have their own requirements, and many give you no option to vary from their standards.   If there is licensing of a product or service, you may be required to use approved and copyrighted promotion materials, in which case you CANNOT vary from those standards or modify the messaging without corporate approval.

Time Savers

In some cases, it is worthwhile going with the recommended autoresponder platform because that project supplies a “done-for-you” follow-up message sequence that requires only some setup and tweaking.  To do this yourself would take days (or more).  Or, as indicated above, the approval process might be prohibitive.

Ease of Use

Some autoresponders are full-featured, have excellent editors and a good selection of pre-made templates.  They may have tracking and statistics (you always analyze EVERYTHING).    There are some  less expensive autoresponder systems, but I find them choppy and hard to navigate.  Once set up, they are ok, but not friendly to work with.  You get what you pay for.


If you plan on starting out cheap, then upgrading to a top-of-the-line autoresponder system such as Aweber, GVO, or TrafficWave, be aware that these systems have severe restrictions on importing leads from external sources.  You must effectively impose on each subscriber to opt-in again, only to your new autoresponder, in which case you are likely to lose a large number of those subscribers.

You are then tasked with manually transporting your messaging from one autoresponder system to another.   This can be a huge project.

These two issues are the main reasons I have not consolidated everything into one autoresponder system.  Strategically, you would not want to do that.  If your single autoresponder goes down, your business STOPS.  An autoresponder with capture page capability is the single most important piece of software in your business if you intend to maintain any kind of online presence.

The Rundown – (abbreviated here as Full function unlimited autoresponders, unlimited lead capture, unlimited subscribers, downline builder and so much more built on LSN 1.0 platform.  Recommended: GOLD Lifetime membership $47 One Time fee.  No Reseller fee.  Get Here



GVO/Pure Leverage – This is more than an autoresponder: it is a complete full function business system.  There are other GVO derivative projects like Empower Network, DotComSecretsX, Plug In Profits, Viral Secrets that are tightly integrated with GVO.   This is my favorite autoresponder, and where I have the largest independent lists of subscribers.  The editor requires that you create an HTML (formatted) message AND a text-only version.  Good statistics, and easy-to-use broadcast capability.  My upgrade to 10,000 subscribers only cost $5 per year.  $24.95 per month with Pure Leverage, that offers a 30-day free trial.  Reseller fee required $19.95 per month. Get Pure Leverage Here

GetResponse – Another of the biggest and most popular autoresponders.  It has a rather unique template-based page and scheduling method that gives you a graphical calendar-view layout.  My main reason for getting GetResponse was because certain affiliate programs required it.  I started to promote several JVZoo programs, and found that there was a custom integrated version that has an API used with JVZoo.  If you are marketing JVZoo products, be sure you subscribe through JVZoo, and no other program.  Many JVZoo programs have done-for-you campaigns that just plug in to the JVZoo version, which saves time, and you can share your campaigns with others on your team.  My leads, subscribers, and campaigns were totally transferrable to the JVZoo version – once the transfer was complete, I was able to terminate the non-JVZoo version.  Get GetResponse Here (non-JVZoo version)


Lead System Network – the LSN 1.0 platform is the basis for many of the listed autoresponders.  LSN 2.0 allows Entrepreneur-level members to created their own branded “portal” site like  $30 for Basic and optional reseller fee of $19.95. Entrepreneur level is $100 + $49.95 reseller fee. Pays $30 and $100 commissions.  

The Conversion Pros – No question that David Dubbs knows how to make FANTASTIC capture pages, but he teaches you the techniques that have made him one of the top recruiters on the internet.  TCP not only has “bangin” capture pages, but also has a full featured autoresponder, Done-For-You pages, Done-For-You campaigns, and so much more. $50 per month with no reseller fee.  3 and you are free.

European Safelist – unlimited, no frills, but functional.  Included as an upgraded member of European Safelist for $7 per month.  Get European Safelist Here

 Aweber – You can get a 30 day free trial of Aweber.  Full feature autoresponder but is best used with an external lead capture page.  API interfaces and a whole library of interconnects and partners make Aweber one of the most popular autoresponders.

My Picks

I like Team Elite Home Businesses,  GVO, GetResponse, The Conversion Pros

Feature/Cost Breakdown


Pure Leverage

GetResonse TCP
Unlimited Subscribers x $ $ x
Unlimited Messages x x x x
Landing Page Builder x n/a $ x
Broadcast daily daily daily daily
Downline Builder x n/a n/a n/a
Cost for Basic Package $47








Reseller Fee n/a $19.95


n/a n/a
Traffic Included x n/a n/a n/a
Co-Op Available x n/a n/a n/a
Free Version x

limited leads


30 days


30 days


7 days

Which Autoresponder Should You Get?

The one best suited for the project.  This is where my offer of free consulting comes into play.  Let’s figure out the issues, requirements, constraints, and plan together.

My recommendation:

Note that these are MY  opinions, and do not necessarily reflect on any of my business partners, business associates, or clients. There are literally hundreds of autoresponders out there, but this has hit the major players

Notably Missing

I have recently dropped and consolidated some of my own autoresponder systems due to the huge monthly costs and substantial time to maintain them all.  Very good systems not mentioned above:

GlobalNPN, TrafficWave, All-in-One-Profits, M&G Home Business


Rich Moyer


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