And the winner is… Kaspersky, hands down There are many antivirus software packages out there.  Some free, some that are included in your internet service, and purchased premium packages.

Before I retired 13 years ago, our team supported 80,000 PC desktops and laptops.  I was a dyed in the wool Symantec Norton Antivirus fan.   But over the past few years, I saw a decline in service levels, and the meteoric rise of Kaspersky Antivirus.   I’m now a Kaspersky fan.

Here are some Antivirus packages commonly used

  • Norton Antivirus by Symantec.  Comes for free with Comcast internet.  I had used it reliably for many years, but I would not recommend it now.  Although if you don’t have ANY antivirus, go for it.  I will provide an order link if you decide that is the way to go

  • McAfee – this is the most badly behaved software.  No wonder they give it away.  You must answer annoying prompts continuously, and I have had incompatibilities with so many PC software programs.  Definitely THUMBS DOWN.

  • AVG – there is a free program you could download, but they do have a paid upgrade.  My daughter’s boyfriend swears by it (of course it may be the poor college student talking).  I have no personal experience with AVG.

  • Kaspersky – absolutely my favorite now.  It just works.  Works well.

You should have SOME antivirus protection, no matter what.   I highly recommend Kaspersky.  Settling for the lesser brands is like opting for a surgeon who partied all the time and only got D’s in medical school: He is still called Doctor but do you want HIM taking out your gall bladder?

AVG Ultimate
Unlimited Devices – 2 years
McAfee Total Protection
Unlimited Devices
Norton Security Deluxe
5 Devices 1 year
Kaspersky Total Security 2016
3 Devices | 1 Year

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